Shan Nelson-Rowe

Photo Courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Just Your Local, Friendly Neighborhood Pie Dude

Pie has become an avocation, some would say an addiction for me. When traveling I always seek out local diners or cafes where I might find some freshly baked delights. I also enjoy reading about pie – cookbooks certainly, but also books about the history or sociology of pie. To me, pie is more than just a tasty dessert. In pie we can find a story about who we are as Americans. Hyperbole? Maybe. You be the judge.

I have had a long time fascination with pie, starting with my grandmother's home made cherry pie. In May of 2010 I pursued a personal project entitled 31 Days of Pie. Throughout the month I ate at least one slice of pie per day, traveling to diners, cafes and bakeries to find the best pies. 31 Days of Pie was chronicled on my Facebook wall for my friends, who suggested many locations for good pie.

31 Days of Pie gave birth to my new project, 52 Weeks of Pie. Beginning in July, 2010 I plan to bake a new pie every week. The pies will be tasted and evaluated by friends and family, and the results will be posted on my blog and on Facebook for fans of the Pie Dude to follow.

Welcome to the Pie Dude, where all things pie have a home. The Pie Dude will offer recipes, reviews, and commentary on  the history, sociology and science of pie. The Pie Dude is a California native who grew up on the beaches of San Diego County and currently resides in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


- The Pie Dude